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Why do you want to know?
United States
Got tagged by: :iconaimless-void:
WOW I got tagged a LONG time ago ahaha, but my journal was getting old and I saw this in my so what the heck?

001. Real Name: Aw you think I'm just gonna tell y'all? :B

002. Nickname[s]: Beth, Tama, Fair, Kayuri...There's more I'm sure

003. Zodiac Sign: Year of the rat! 

004. Male or Female: Female 

005. Nursery: ???

006. Primary School: Pleasant Hill 

007. Secondary School: Wiley (WORST THREE YEARS OF MY LIFE)

008. Hair Colour: Dark Blonde

009. Long or Short: Medium 

010. Loud or Quiet: Quiet, but I get rather loud when I'm excited.

011. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans

012. Phone or Camera: Camera

013. Health Freak: pfffft

014. Drink or Smoke: neither. 

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Currently? No.

016. Political orientation: Hahahaha they both suck.

017. Piercings: None, and I don't plan on getting any holes in my body thank you.

018. Tattoos: Again none.

019. Airplane: Tons of times

020. Car Accident: No and I hope it stays that way

021. Fist Fight: ...There are a few people who'd I would like to give a good punch in the nose to. But I have never acted on those desires.

022. First piercing:  Don't have any.

023. First Best Friend: A guy named David back in the first grade, he moved away to Utah a looong time ago.

024. First Instrument played: The Mini tuba

025. First award: Theater all star cast

026. First Crush: Way back in middle school I had a crush on the guy who was working with me on the sound crew in a play.

027. First Language: English

028. First Big Vacation: ITALY whooooo 

029. Last Person you Talked: My mother.

030. Last Person You Texted:  Sparradile

031. Last Person You Watched: ....? The cast of Pushing daises cause that's what I was watching?

032. Last Food You Ate: Garlic bread

033. Last Movie You Watched: Paprika

034. Last Song You listened to:  Bonfire of the Dolls
035. Last Thing You Bought: Christmas Presents U_U

036. Last Person You Hugged: My parents

037. Food: ....Oh gosh umm I really like most Chinese food :B 

038. Drinks:  CREAM SODA

039. Clothing: Things that are comfy and make me look pretty U_U

040 Book: Harry Potter and How NOT to write a novel

040. Manga: FMA (Again its been awhile since I've read any and this is the one I remember the most U_U )

041. Color: PURPLE

042. Flower: Gardenias 

043: Music: I'm not sure what it is called but I've heard some people call it Dream pop??

044. Movies: Paprika

044.5. Anime: Princess Jellyfish

046. Subjects: Art

047. [ ] Kissed In The Rain 

048. [ ] Celebrated Halloween 

049. [] Had Your Heart Broken 

050. [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone

051. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 

052. [] Came Outta the Closet

053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant 

054. [ ] Had an Abortion

055. [x] Done something you've Regretted 

056. [ ] Broke a Promise 

057. [] Kept a Secret 

058. [x] Pretended To Be Happy 

059. [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life.

060. [x] Pretended To Be Sick 

061. [ ] Left The Country.

062. [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. 

063. [x] Cried Over The Silliest Thing. 

064. [ ] Ran a Mile 

065. [ ] Went To the Beach

067. Eating: Nothing

088. Drinking: Water

069. Getting Ready To: Go to bed

070. Listening To:The Dolls of New Albion

071. Plans For Tomorrow: College stuff, Studying, unpacking, coloring collab pages, draw.

073. Want Kids: Maaaaaybe

074. Want To Get Married: Yes 

075. Careers in mind: ..........I don't knooooow ;A;


076. Lips or Eyes: Eyes 

077. Shorter or Taller: Taller~~

078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Hmmm I'm not sure really  

079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Stomach! Though Nice arm certainly don't hurt~

080. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive, most the loud I meet are obnoxious.

081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship

082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: A troublemaker who knows where the line is and doesn't cross it.

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: I have misplaced my glasses in my room before and my cat once knocked them over and SAT ON THEM.

084. Ran Away From Home:  Nope!

085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: A weapon? No but I'm more than ready to use whatever blunt and/or sharp object as one. 

086. Killed Somebody: Nope. 

087. Broken Someone's Heart: I don't thiiiink so, but who knows maybe I did while being totally oblivious to it. 

088. Been Arrested: Nopeity nope

090. Yourself: YES

091. Miracles: eh, sure

092. Love at First Sight: AHAHAHAHA of course not. That sort of thing is more like lust then love isn't it?

093. Heaven: I really really want to so yes

094. Santa Claus: alas no

096. Magic: It's a big universe, maybe somewhere it exists who knows? It could be out there, but...

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: I wanna hang out with Sparradile and be in the much cooler Utah state

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Things could be better, but I'm not complaining

099. Do You Believe In God: I want to yes



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